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1. H. Dissemination Area Reference Maps, by non-tracted Census Agglomeration, (2001 Census), Canada [Canada_SC_DissAreaRefMapsNTCA01]
The set of Dissemination Area Reference Maps by Non-tracted Census Agglomeration covers the smaller census agglomerations that are not part of the census tract program. Each map in the ...

2. M. Standard Geographical Classification, Volume 1, The Classification (2001 Census), Canada [Canada_SC_SGCVolume1]
The Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) is a system of names and codes representing areas of Canada. It consists of a three-tiered hierachary-province, county and municipality. The SGC is used ...

3. O. National Overview Tables (2001 Census), Canada [Canada_SC_NatOverviewTables]
The National Overview Tables provide population and dwelling counts established by the 2001 Census of Canada. The levels of geography covered are Canada, provinces and territories, and ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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