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1. SAFARI 2000 EO-1/Landsat-7 Tandem Image Pair for Skukuza, Kruger NP, Republic of South Africa [SAFARI2K_TANDEM_IMAGE]
On May 30, 2001, a tandem pair of scenes, nearly a minute apart, from the Earth Observing 1 (EO-1) Advanced Land Imager (ALI) and the Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Maper Plus (ETM+) were taken over ...

2. SAFARI 2000 Satellite Images and Data from the South Africa Natural Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) [SAFARI2K_NDMC]
The SAFARI 2000 data sets from the Natural Disaster Management Centre provided by NASA from the Terra mission:

3. SAFARI 2000 Wet and Dry Season Hemispherical Photography and Associated PAI Estimates [SAFARI2K_PAI]
The data were collected during the Feruary/March 2000 wet season and Septemter 2000 dry season field campaigns of SAFARI 2000.?? The wet season campaign had field ...

4. Tropical Rain Forest Information Center (TRFIC) SAFARI 2000 Landsat and IKONOS Data [TRFIC_SAFARI2K]
The Tropical Rain Forest Information Center (TRFIC) supports the SAFARI 2000 international regional science initiative through EOS data hosting services. Registered SAFARI 2000 scientists can access ...

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