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1. Columbia Slough Sediment Analysis and Remediation Project. Phase I Report. [BESTsed04]
The Columbia Slough, an important recreational resource for the people of Portland, runs east to west just north of Portland and extends for more than 18 miles. For the purposes of this report the ...

2. Lower Columbia River Backwater Reconaissance Survey [BESTsed27]
Tetra Tech, Inc., was contracted by the Lower Columbia River Bi-State Program to conduct a supplemental reconnaissance survey of sediment and biota (fish and crayfish) contaminant levels in backwater ...

3. Surface-water quality assessment of the Yakima River Basin, Washington:Pesticide, Other Trace-organic compound data for Water, Sediment, Soil, and Aquatic Biota [BESTsed19]
Contaminant data assessed in a variety of media (water, suspended and bed sediment, soil, and aquatic biota) were presented for samples collected from the Yakima River Basin between 1987 and 1990. ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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