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1. FESTIVETHNO 2009: The Yhyakh festival as an ethnic symbol [1024_2_IPEV_FR]
FRANCAIS La République Sakha (Iakoutie) couvre une superficie six fois équivalente à celle de la France au nord-est de la Sibérie. Les Iakoutes (ou Sakhas), qui parlent une langue türke, sont récemment ...

2. Fur Seal Tag Recovery; NMML [EARTH_OCEAN_NMML_fur_seal_tags]
The Tag Recovery digital data set includes a record of tags found on fur seal adults that were attached as pups.

3. Pinniped Tagging Records; NMML [EARTH_OCEAN_NMML_pinniped_tags]
The Pinniped Tagging Records are a digital data set which is a compilation of tags and brands applied to fur seals, sea lions, and harbor seals in Alaskan and Siberian waters. The system ...

4. Siberian Mapping Project [FED_SMP]
The purpose of the Siberian Mapping Project is to improve forest cover maps and create above ground biomass maps of the Siberian boreal forest. The project is aimed at improving forest disturbance ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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