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1. Biological Atlas of the Arctic Seas 2000-Plankton of the Barents and Kara Seas [NOAA_bioatlas_arctic]
Presented are (a) physical and biological data collected during 158 scientific cruises carried out in the period 1913-1999 and (b) data on phytoplankton collected in 1994-1999 during cruises ...

2. Water column nutrient observations, Apr-Sept 2001-02, continental margin to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula, GLOBEC. [nutrients_SO]
Water column sampling for nutrient chemistries (NO2+NO3, NO2, Si(OH)4, PO4 and NH4) were collected using a CTD niskin rosette sampler during 4 cruises to the Antarctic, April-September ...

3. Lake Michigan Ecological Monitoring (1983-1993) [GLERL0009]
This data set contains numerous measurements of chemical, biological, and physical parameters for stations in southeastern Lake Michigan for the period 1983 to the present. Measured variables include ...

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