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1. Growth and Chemical Responses to CO2 Enrichment - Virginia Pine (Pinus Virginiana Mill.), CDIAC NDP-009 [CDIAC_NDP9]
Growth and chemical responses of Virginia pine grown in open-top growth chambers at elevated CO2 concentrations (+0, +75, +150, +300, +600 ppmv) were evaluated over a four-month period. The seedlings ...

2. IAI-Final Report_ISP1_080: Biogeochemical Determinants of Land-Cover Change and Land-Use In Savanna-Cultivation-Grazing Systems [IAIDIS454]
This dataset refers to Final Report of the ISP round I project number 080, which has the name "BIOGEOCHEMICAL DETERMINANTS OF LAND-COVER CHANGE AND LAND-USE IN SAVANNA-CULTIVATION-GRAZING SYSTEMS". ...

3. Long-Term Agricultural Field Experiment -- Data Compendium [USDA0243]
This data set contains information on climate (temperature, precipitation); soil (carbon, nitrogen, bulk density, texture); production (grain yield, straw/residue production); and migrant histories ...

4. Soil Organic Matter Dynamics in Dryland Cropping Systems in the Central Great Plains [USDA.ARS.CGPRS.OMDryland]
Problem: Soil organic matter (SOM) is important to hoid the soil together, eaSily ihfiitrate water, reduce compaction, and to provide nutrients such as N, P,K, S, and micronutrienis. However, the ...

5. Soil Organic Matter Network, Arlington Plots Organic Matter, Wisconsin, USDA-ARS and University of Wisconsin [USDA.ARS.CPSWPRC.Arlington]
This experiment was established in 1958 and consists of a continuous corn system with various levels of nitrogen application. In the preceding 25 years, there was continuous corn with residue burning. ...

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