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1. Drifter Data Collected During the TOGA COARE Intensive Observing (IOP) and Enhanced Monitoring (EMP) Periods [COARE_oclsa_drifter]
DATA ACCESS Drifter data are available upon request from NOAA's National Oceanographic Data Center in Silver Spring, MD ''. The data are also archived ...

2. TOGA COARE Workshop Integrated Dataset [COARE_asf_tcwids]
The TOGA COARE Data Information System is responsible for distributing all information related to TOGA COARE. TOGA COARE was a multidisciplinary, international research effort ...

3. The Australian Oceanographic Data Center Hydrocomp Database via World Wide Web [AODC_WWW]
The Australian Oceanographic Data Center (AODC) provides a variety of oceanographic data for the area bounded by the coordinates 80S by 150W and 30N by 20E. Data sets are currently available through ...

4. Indo-Pacific Warm Pool MD9821-60 Last Millennium Mg/Ca, d18O, SST, SSS Data [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2007-018]
Planktonic foraminiferal Mg/Ca and d18O derived sea surface temperature and salinity records from the Makassar Strait, Indonesia, show a long- term cooling and freshening trend, as well as considerable ...

5. Northwest Pacific Stable Isotope Data and SSS/SST Reconstructions [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2004-086]
The oxygen isotope records of both benthic and planktonic Foraminifera in five piston cores, collected from the region between the Oyashio and Kuroshio Currents near Japan, clearly show the marked ...

6. Global Surface Ocean Alkalinity Climatology [CDIAC_GSOAC]
Surface Total Alkalinity fields were estimated from five regional TA relationships presented in Lee et al. 2006, using monthly mean sea surface temperature and salinity from the World Ocean Atlas ...

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