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1. SUNNITEDC: 6 shallow ice core drilled of 100 m each [1011_8_IPEV_FR]
Collection of 6 shallow ice cores of 100 m deep for extraction of 10Be and volcanic events in order to reconstruct the sun and volcanic forcing.

2. UARS SOLSTICE Level 3BS Solar UV Irradiance Spectra V001 (UARSO3BS) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_UARSO3BS_V001]
The Solar-Stellar Irradiance Comparison Experiment (SOLSTICE) on NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) measured the energy input to the upper atmosphere by observing ...

3. UARS SUSIM Level 3BS Solar UV Irradiance Spectra V001 (UARSU3BS) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_UARSU3BS_V001]
The SUSIM home page on the WWW is . The Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Monitor (SUSIM) on NASA's ...

4. Solar Images and Spectra from the Yohkoh Spacecraft [Yohkoh-01]
This data set consists of data from all four instruments on board the Yohkoh spacecraft (formerly called Solar-A). Data are held as proprietary for two years after collection (although more recent ...

5. Preliminary Data from the Solar Optical Universal Polarimeter (SOUP) on Spacelab2 [SOUP-01]
The Solar Optical Universal Polarimeter (SOUP) experiment was flown in July and August, 1985, on board the STS-51F/Spacelab II shuttle mission. Images of solar features observed in white light were ...

6. X-ray Images of the Solar Corona from the Skylab S-054 Telescope [Skylab-05]
The X-ray telescope (experiment S-054) was a grazing incidence instrument with a spatial resolution of approximately 2 arc seconds on axis and had six broadband X-ray filters in the 2 - 60 Angstroem ...

7. High-cadence dual-height full disk solar dopplergrams and intensitygrams taken in January 2003 [MOTH_2003]
Simultaneous intensity and line-of-sight velocity data of the full solar disk as measured at the two heights probed by the K (770 nm) and Na (589 nm) Fraunhofer lines. Three sets of uninterrupted ...

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