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1. Preliminary Data from the Solar Optical Universal Polarimeter (SOUP) on Spacelab2 [SOUP-01]
The Solar Optical Universal Polarimeter (SOUP) experiment was flown in July and August, 1985, on board the STS-51F/Spacelab II shuttle mission. Images of solar features observed in white light were ...

2. X-ray Images of the Solar Corona from the Skylab S-054 Telescope [Skylab-05]
The X-ray telescope (experiment S-054) was a grazing incidence instrument with a spatial resolution of approximately 2 arc seconds on axis and had six broadband X-ray filters in the 2 - 60 Angstroem ...

3. High-cadence dual-height full disk solar dopplergrams and intensitygrams taken in January 2003 [MOTH_2003]
Simultaneous intensity and line-of-sight velocity data of the full solar disk as measured at the two heights probed by the K (770 nm) and Na (589 nm) Fraunhofer lines. Three sets of uninterrupted ...

4. SUNNITEDC: 6 shallow ice core drilled of 100 m each [1011_8_IPEV_FR]
Collection of 6 shallow ice cores of 100 m deep for extraction of 10Be and volcanic events in order to reconstruct the sun and volcanic forcing.

5. Solar Images and Spectra from the Yohkoh Spacecraft [Yohkoh-01]
This data set consists of data from all four instruments on board the Yohkoh spacecraft (formerly called Solar-A). Data are held as proprietary for two years after collection (although more recent ...

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