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1. Daily, Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Climatic Data, Including Temperature and Wind Data for the Sachsen Region of Germany (1864-1890) [NCL00121_122]
Climatic data resides in 2 books, 'Das Klima des Konigreiches Sachsen' (C/dc 320 L-wk), and 'Die Hauptsachlichsten Resultate aus den m den Jahren 1864-1900 im Konigreich Sachsen Anstellten Meteorologischen ...

2. Hourly, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Surface Weather Data for Teddington and Richmond (Kew Observatory) England (1885-1910) [NCL00189_195]
The Teddington surface data resides in 2 books, 'Teddington, England, National Physical Laboratory Report (1901-1910)' (C/de35 A1). Data contained in these books are tables of hourly, daily, monthly ...

3. Solar Records: The Wolf Sunspot Index and Umbral/Penumbral Ratio, CDIAC NDP-014 [CDIAC_NDP14]
Observational records of sunspot activity are available from about 1875, with reconstructions going back, possibly, to 1832. Available sunspot models and the theory of mixing length indicate that ...

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