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1. Compilation of Surface Currents of the Equatorial Indian Ocean (1854-1974) from the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Deacon Laboratory, UK [BODC_IOS_IndianOceanCurrents]
The surface currents of the Indian Ocean data set comprises data collected between 1854 and 1974, covering the area bounded by coasts of Africa and Asia, longitudes 50deg E (in the Gulf of Aden) and ...

2. Ship Drift Surface Current Archive (NOO) and Subsurface Float Data (WOCE) on CD-ROM from NODC [NODC_Current_Float_CDROM]
This CD-ROM from the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) contains two types of data: surface currents and subsurface float trajectories. The surface currents are from the Surface Current Data ...

3. Surface Float Data Archives, NOAA/AOML [WHOI_SURFACE_DRIFTERS]
This surface drifter archives, now at NOAA/AOML, consists of Argo float data and gloal interpolated lagrangian drifter data. Satellite-tracked drifting buoy data are being collected ...

4. The surface circulation on Georges Bank is described from analysis of short-term deployments of surface drifters, 1995 and 1997-1999, GLOBEC. [nmfs_drift_GB]
Surface currents/circulation on Georges Bank are described from short-term deployments (days) of surface drifters. Drifter positions and surface temperatures are reported ...

5. Visualization and Extraction of Climate Data on WWW using NOAA/PMEL FERRET [NOAA_PMEL_FERRET]
NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) has developed a World-Wide Web (WWW)-based visualization and data extraction system. The PMEL server uses HTML forms to provide a point and click ...

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