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1. Sea Level Affects Marshes Model Visualization [SLAMM]
Efficiently and effectively presenting the large volume of geospatially-referenced, gridded data output from the Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM) for each sea-level rise (SLR) scenario time-series ...

2. Sea Level Rise: Threatened Areas Map [cal-adap_sealevel]
Precipitation is notoriously variable in California. View a map displaying the projected precipitation for each decade from 1950-2099 using a variety of climate models and scenarios. Global models ...

3. Teacher's Guide: Understanding Sea Level Using Real Data [dataintheclassroom_sealevel]   PARENT SERF
This curriculum guide contains five activities designed for grades 6-8 that incorporate real data from NOAA. The activities are organized as a pathway with five levels of increasing sophistication. ...

4. Climate Time Machine [NASA_JPL_CTM]
The Climate Time Machine is an interactive web-based program that offers a series of visualizations that show how some of the key indicators of climate change, such as temperature, sea ice extent ...

5. Eyes on the Earth 3D [NASA_JPL_EYES]
Earth-orbiting spacecraft and instruments developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory currently study all aspects of our planet - ocean, land, atmosphere, biosphere and cryosphere. They provide ...

6. NASA Sea Level Viewer [NASA_JPL_seaLevelViewer]
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Sea Level Viewer is a web-based application that provides detailed information on global sea level rise. The Earth Observing missions that monitor sea level rise and ...

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