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1. Digital single-channel seismic-reflection data from western Santa Monica basin [USGS_OFR_2006_1180_SMB]
During a collaborative project in 1992, Geological Survey of Canada and United States Geological Survey scientists obtained about 850 line-km of high-quality single-channel boomer and sleeve-gun seismic-reflection ...

2. PASSCAL Assembled data set for Ouachita Experiment [OUACHITA_SEISMO_EXPT]
The 1986 Ouachita Lithospheric Seismology Experiment consisted of a 200 km seismic profile with 793 recording sites spaced approximately 250 m apart into which 29 shots were fired. The experiment ...

3. Seismic Hazard Maps for Seattle, Washington, Incorporating 3D Sedimentary Basin Effects, Nonlinear Site Response, and Rupture Directivity [USGS_OFR_2007_1175]
This report presents probabilistic seismic hazard maps for Seattle, Washington, based on over 500 3D simulations of ground motions from scenario earthquakes. These maps include 3D sedimentary basin ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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