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1. Baltimore Ecosystem Study Permanent Plot Vegetation Sampling Data for Baltimore Long Term Ecological Research Network (LTER) [lter_BES_permanentplots]
The Baltimore Ecosystem Study for Permanent Plot Vegetation Sampling is part of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) project. Permanent plots are a powerful tool for understanding systems over the ...

2. DRYAD - a database of trees and shrubs [DRYAD_TREE_SHRUB_DB]
This web site allows users to stipulate the criteria they are looking for in their search of trees and shrubs. The user can choose from subcatagories under: Type Size Growth rate Leaf flushing period ...

3. Flooding and Its Effect on Trees, USDA/FS [USDA_FS_FLOODING]
Intended to assist on-the-ground natural resource professionals answer flood-related tree questions in both rural and urban areas, provides detailed information of flood-related tree damage. "Flooding ...

4. Jornada Experimental Range Quadrants [MSU0021]
The "Jornada Experimental Range Quadrats" data contains reduced-scale maps of vegetation on one-meter by one-meter areas were made with a pantograph. A planimeter was used to measure the basal area ...

5. National Forest Health Database - Ground Vegetation Data for Canadian Forest Health Network [Canada_CFS_GrVegData]
Since 1984, Canadian Forest Service has been collecting data to help monitor the health of Canada's forests. Data is collected from a large number of strategically located plots all across Canada. ...

6. Reproduction Following Clearcutting -- Study FS-NC-OH-466 [USDA0174]
The purpose of this data set is to model vegetative response of trees and shrubs following clearcutting. The data include silviculture/ecology, growth and yield. The dataset is used to monitor vegetative ...

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