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1. Dominion Range Snow Pit and Ice Core, 1984 and 1985 [NSIDC-0087]
Information from snow pits and an ice core were collected at Dominion Range (location - 166 10' East, 85 15' South, elevation - 2,700m) in 1984-1985. The 6 meter snow pit was dug and sampled in 1984-1985 ...

2. CLPX-Ground: ISA Snow Pit Measurements [NSIDC-0176]
This data set consists of snow pit data from nine study areas, within three larger-scale areas in northern Colorado (Fraser, North Park, and Rabbit Ears Meso-cell Study Areas (MSAs)). The study ...

3. Atmospheric Nitrate Isotopic Analysis at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, A Twenty-Five Year Record [NSIDC-0281]
This data set contains snow pit measurements of oxygen isotopes, 17O and 18O, in nitrate and ion concentrations, and surface measurements of oxygen isotopes in nitrate and in ...

4. AMSRIce03 Snow Pit Data [NSIDC-0429]
Notice to Data Users: The documentation for this data set was provided solely by the Principal Investigator(s) and was not further developed, thoroughly reviewed, or edited by NSIDC. Thus, support ...

5. WAIS Divide Snowpit Chemical and Isotope Measurements, Antarctica [NSIDC-0506]
This dataset includes major ion, trace element, microparticle and oxygen isotope (δ18O) data for a snowpit dug and sampled in December 2008 near the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide ice ...

6. Snow Pit and Ice Core Data from Southern Greenland, 1984 [ARCSS027]
This collection includes surface snow sample, snow pit, and ice core data from summer of 1984 in Greenland (location - 65 degrees 6 minutes north, 44 degrees 52 minutes west, 2625 m a.s.l.). The data ...

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