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1. Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed: Hourly Precipitation data, 1988 to Present [BNZ_LTER_Caribou-Poker_Precip]
Precipitation is measured at many sites within CPCRW using TE525 tipping buckets. These sensors are able to detect .254mm of precipitation and record hourly totals of rainfall or throughfall. It should ...

2. Chinare_Radiation_Measurements_2008 [DOKIPY_Chinare2008]
Spectral albedo measurements on sea ice during the third CHINARE expedition with the Chinese ice breaker MS Xuelong in the Chukchi Sea from 20 to 29 August 2008.Each measurement type (incident, ...

3. Measured field data for cotton plants - 1996 [BF87W4]
Data set up to support simulations of cotton production. Measured field data for cotton data sets. Data shows measurements for cotton plants, weather data, production practices, etc.

4. Oden_Radiation_Measurements_2008 [DOKIPY_Oden2008]
Radiation measurements made during the the second half of August 2008 during a long ice station from the ice breaker Oden. Each measurement type (incident, reflected, etc) was made with a different ...

5. Optical Observation Data of Solar Image(White Light and H-Alpha) [SOLIMAGE-1]
The optical observation data(white light and H-Alpha) of solar fullface images and magnifying images are recorded on magnetic disk.

6. Satellite Anomalies Due to Environment [gov.noaa.ngdc.sem.sat_anom_g00937]
These events range from minor operational problems to permanent spacecraft failures. Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, United Kingdom, and the United States have contributed data. This data ...

7. Solar DNI Polygon N.Africa to E.China 10km DLR 2003 [2b1c9111f352b17eba2e6ee04b64cc20f527202a]
SRID 900913 of two available coordinate systems. Data of high resolution (10kmx10km) Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) for the years 2000, 2002 and 2003. The data are available for monthly and annual ...

8. Solar TILT Polygon Multiple Countries 40km NREL 1985-1991 [a4507e7a940297088ffdf4da6de169e4fdf6f212]
SRID 4326 of two available coordinate systems. These data provide monthly average and annual average daily total solar resource averaged over surface cells of approximately 40 km by 40 km in size. ...

9. Total Primary Energy Supply - Solar, Wind, Tide and Other (IEA) [geodata_0923]
Total primary energy supply (TPES) is made up of production + imports - exports - international marine bunkers +/- stock changes. Solar, Wind, Tide and Wave - Indigenous production of solar, wind, ...

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