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1. Cosmic Ray Associated Atmospheric Pressure and Wind Speed Records, Antarctica [Cosmic_Ray_PW]
Records of atmospheric pressure and wind speed used in conjunction with cosmic ray data recorded at corresponding Antarctic cosmic ray observatories. Data has been collected from Australian Antarctic ...

2. Space Acquired Photography [SPACE_PHOTOS]
Gemini photography was acquired between March 23, 1965 and November 15, 1966. The images were collected as part of the Synoptic Terrain Photography and the Synoptic Weather Photography experiments ...

3. Solar Magnetic Eruption Disturbances []
Solar Magnetic Eruptions (SME), such as Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Flares, and their impact on Earth's space environment are the target of this Space Weather research.Solar Magnetic Eruptions ...

4. Solar Magnetic Flux Tubes []
Solar Magnetic Flux Tubes are magnetic field concentrations near the surface of the sun. Because of their close relation to their much larger cousins, sun spots, they are of great interest ...

5. Space_Update: Earth Views of Space and Space Views of Earth [ESIP_3_Space_Update]
"Space Update" is an information and imagery multimedia treasure trove CD-ROM produced by Rice University and used by over a million visitors at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Designed as ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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