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1. ABBY NORMAL Model [abbyNormal]
The ABsorption BY the D and E Region of HF Signals with NORMAL Incidence or the ABBYNORMAL Model calculates the D and E region (60-150 km) ionization sources and ion-neutral chemistry to obtain an ...

2. Block-Adaptive-Tree-Solarwind-Roe-Upwind-Scheme [BATSRUS]
BATS-R-US, the Block-Adaptive-Tree-Solarwind-Roe-Upwind-Scheme, was developed by the Computational Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) Group at the University of Michigan, now Center for Space Environment ...

3. Coupled Thermosphere/Ionosphere Plasmasphere (CTIP) Model [ION_THERMO_FULLER_ROLLELL]
The coupled thermosphere-ionosphere-plasmasphere (CTIP) model consists of three distinct components: -A global thermosphere model; -A high latitude ionosphere model; -A mid and low-latitude ionosphere/plasmasphere ...

4. Exospheric Solar Wind Model [Exospheric]
This is an exospheric model of the solar wind with only protons and electrons (we defer the inclusion of heavy ions to upcoming versions of the code), with a non-monotonic total potential for the ...

5. Heliospheric Tomography Model [HelTomo]
Heliospheric Tomography Model makes use of interplanetary scintillation (IPS) to tomographically reconstract the global structure of the solar wind. Model Input: Remote sensing data of the solar ...

6. Open Geospace General Circulation Model [MagUCLA_GGCM]
The Open Geospace General Circulation Model (Open GGCM) was originally developed as a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) model of Earth's magnetosphere at UCLA in the early 1990's by J. Raeder. Besides solving ...

7. University Partnering for Operational Support Radiation Belt UPOS RB Forecasting Model [UPOS]
Satellites in space are instrumental in providing surveillance, communication, and navigation capability. Geomagnetic disturbances, which are related to enhancements of MeV electron intensity at geostationary ...

8. Utah State University Global Assimilation of Ionospheric Measurements (USU-GAIM) Model [GAIM]
Physics-based data assimilation models of the ionosphere were developed at Utah State University as part of a DoD Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) program. The USU effort ...

9. Weimer Ionosphere Models [ION_WEIMER]
Weimer models are statistical electric potential models for the high-latitude ionosphere, developed by Daniel Weimer of Mission Research Corporation. Past satellite measurements of ionospheric electric ...

10. Fok Ring Current Model (FRC) [RADIATION_BELT]
The Fok Ring Current Model (FRC) is a bounce-averaged kinetic model of the ring current. This model calculates the temporal and spatial variation of the phase space density of ring current species, ...

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