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The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the University of Copenhagen Institute of Geography, the European Soil Bureau, the ...

2. Lichen samples from Svalbard collected in 2006 [SampleDB_2006_Svalbard_Lichen]
Lichen samples from Svalbard collected in 2006. Locality, habitat information for 137 lichen samples.

3. Lichen samples from Svalbard collected in 2009 [SampleDB_2009_Svalbard_Lichen]
Lichen samples from Svalbard collected in 2009. Locality, habitat information for 59 lichen samples.

4. Lichen samples from Svalbard collected in 2010 [SampleDB_2010_Svalbard_lichen]
Lichen samples from Svalbard collected in 2010. Locality, habitat information for 78 lichen samples.

5. soil sampling from glacier-retreat regions in Svalbard in 2012 [KPDC_SSGRR_SVALVARD_2012]
The research area involves the glacier-retreat regions in Vestre Lovenbreen, Midtre Lovenbreen and Austre Lovenbreen, which are located in Kongsfijorden in Svalvard, Norway. We collected our soil ...

6. Moss, Aulacomnium turgidum, Svalbard, Arctic [KPDC_MAT_ARCTIC_2010]
Unique physiological and metabolic properties of Arctic mosses are responsible for their acclimation to the inclement polar environment. To perform transcriptome analysis of an Arctic moss species ...

7. Ship Iceberg Collision Database [IOT_NRCC_SHIP_ICEBERG_COLLISION]
This database at describes collisions that have taken place in the northern hemisphere mainly over the last two hundred years, ...

8. Svalbard Fjord Conductivity, Temperature, Depth Data, 2001-2004 [ARCSS150]
This data set includes vertical ocean profiles of temperature, salinity and backscatter beneath ice cover in Svalbard Fjord, Norway. The data were collected by a Seabird Conductivity-Temperature-Depth ...

9. Seasonal and Inter-annual Fluctuations of Ice Velocities on Five Svalbard Glaciers [Flow_Arctic_Glaciers_Tijm-Reijmer_IPY37_NL]
In order to improve our understanding of the relation between meltwater input and sliding velocities we measure seasonal and inter-annual fluctuations of ice velocities on five Svalbard glaciers. ...

10. Glacial melting and coastal marine microbes of the Arctic [Coastal_Marine_Microbes_Buma_IPY71_NL]
This project focused on the pelagic microbes from the Kongsfjorden-Krossfjorden system located on the West coast of Spitsbergen. The West coast of Spitsbergen is influenced by the West Spitsbergen ...

11. Neogene Ice Streams and Sedimentary Processes on High-Latitude Continental Margins [CNDP-ESP_POL2006-07390_NICE-STREAMS]
The evolution of continental margins from temperate to polar conditions is still poorly known. There are increasing evidences collected in the Arctic and Antarctic margins that the high sediment input ...

12. Net accumulation data from Lomonosovfonna, Svalbard and Milcent from Arctic ice cores, Climate Since A.D. 1500 Database, WDC Paleoclimatology [NOAA_WDCPALEO_CLIM1500_CH26]   PARENT DIF
Data from Tarussov. Net accumulation data from Lomonosovfonna, Svalbard and Milcent, Greenland (shown in Figure 26.4). Annual Melt percentage (AMP) data for Austfonna, Svalbard (shown in Figures ...

13. Column Liquid Water Data at Ny-Alesund, Svalbird [NIPRNYALESUNDCLW-1]
Since September 1991, a column of liquid water was measured every 1 minute using a microwave radiometer at Ny-Alesund.

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