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1. Evolutive adaptatament of Oxygen transport mechanisms [Evolutive_adaptatament_of_Oxygen_transport_mechanisms]
The extreme environmental conditions of Antarctica represent a strong challenge to which a number of organisms have been forced to be confronted to. Understanding how these organisms have evolved ...

2. Lichen samples from Terra Nova Bay collected in 2010 [SampleDB_2010_TBN_lichen]
Lichen samples from Terra Nova Bay collected in 2010. Locality, habitat information for 31 lichen samples.

3. Lipid transport, lipid metabolism and cold adaptation in Antarctic notothenioid fish [K058_2005_2008_NZ_1]
Fish species of the suborder Notothenioidei are morphologically distinct in that they lack a swim bladder. To compensate, high levels of tissue lipids aid in maintaining buoyancy. The lipids also ...

4. POPs in key species of Marine Antarctic ecosystems [ECA028]
These data set regards the average p,p'-DDE and HCB concentration (0.860.98 and 0.370.17 ng g?1 wet wt. respectively) measured in krill samples collected from the Ross Sea (7120?S? 72 331?S/170 ...

5. Sea Ice Atlas from AVHRR imagery 1992-1999 [Sea_Ice_Atlas_East_Antarctica]
This Atlas presents a compilation of AVHRR satellite images of sea ice adjacent to the coast of Eastern Antarctica. It is produced primarily for use by marine and vertebrate ecologists within the ...

6. The depth distribution of meroplankton in the water column of Gerlache Inlet [K018_2006_2008_NZ_1]   PARENT METADATA
Plankton was sampled at a single site (74 38.474' S, 164 12.473' E) between 14 Nov 2007-06 Dec 2007 about 1 km to the south of Gondwana Station during the 07-08 season to determine if there is ...

7. Trace elements in sediments from Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica [ECA071]
The concentrations of trace metals Be, Bi, Cd, Cr, Mn, Ni, Pb, Sn, Zn , aluminum and iron were determined in sediments collected in Antarctica (Terra Nova Bay}Ross Sea . Samples were analyzed by atomic ...

8. Trace metals in aerosol at Terra Nova Bay [ECA077]
Atmospheric particulate with an aerodynamic diameter o10 mm (PM10) was sampled continuously during the austral summers of 2000?2001 and 2001?2002 at a coastal site near to the Italian base of Terra ...

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