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1. Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) Database and Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) Database (Janus) at Texas AM University [DSDP_ODP_DATABASES_TAMU]
These databases contain geological and geophysical investigations of the cores recovered from almost every ocean of the world. The data were collected on oceanographic cruises of the ...

2. Snow and Firn Permeability: Characteristics of Snow Megadunes and their Potential Effects on Ice Core Interpretation [NSIDC-0299]
This data set contains firn physical properties measured in two meter snow pits and from deeper, 12- to 30-meter firn cores. The physical properties measured in the snow pits include density, permeability ...

3. Determination of the thermal conductivity of sea ice from measurements of ice temperature (and temperature gradients), salinity, ice microstructure and other environmental parameters [K131_2002_2004_NZ_1]
The polar oceans' sea ice cover strongly modifies ocean-atmosphere heat transfer. Despite its importance, existing circulation models and large scale sea ice models include overly simplistic parameterizations ...

4. The thermal conductivity and diffusivity of first year sea ice measured as a temperature depth profile in developing sea ice during the winter months in McMurdo Sound [K131_1994_1998_NZ_2]
Measurements of heat flows and hence thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity in sea ice was measured in the absence of thermal radiation (i.e. sunlight, which dumps heat at depth in the ice and ...

5. Geothermal Observations From Canadian Boreholes, Mines and Hydrocarbon Wells [Canada_GSC_GeothermObservations]
Geothermal data containing measurements of temperature, conductivity, heat generation, and rock petrology observation data that have been measured from Canada's landmass have been compiled in the ...

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