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1. DMSP Total Ozone, Calibrated Radiance and Total Ozone Grid Point Data Archived at NSSDC [DMSP-OZONE-NSSDC]
The objective of this experiment was to obtain vertical temperature, water vapor, and ozone profiles of the atmosphere to support Department of Defense requirements in operational weather analysis ...

2. OMI/Aura TOMS-Like Ozone and Radiative Cloud Fraction L3 1 day 0.25 degree x 0.25 degree V3 (OMTO3e) at GES DISC [OMTO3e_003]
The OMI science team produces this Level-3 Aura/OMI Global TOMS-Like Total Column Ozone gridded product OMTO3e (0.25deg Lat/Lon grids). The OMTO3e product selects the best pixel (shortest path length) ...

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