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1. Daily Estuarine Surface Water Nutrient And Water Quality, Suspended Sediment, and Chlorophyll a Data for the North Inlet Estuary, 1978-1993 [baruch_1978]
A one 1000 ml (one Liter) water sample was collected daily (at approximately 1000 hrs EST - but see note below in section 1.2.3 Supplemental Information) at a depth of 0.5 meter below the water's ...

2. Evaluation of Trace Metals in Ambient Water and Discharges to NY/NJ Harbor for Waste Allocation [NYDEP_tmdmetals]
To determine the concentratons of metals in ambient waters of NY/NJ Harbor, its major tributaries, and its major municiple sewage treatment plants (STP) effluents ...

3. New Hampshire Coastal 2000 - 2002 Gulf of Maine Assessment [gomc_202]   PARENT METADATA
The US EPA National Coastal Assessment (also known as Coastal 2000 or C2000) is a five-year effort led by the EPA Office of Research and Development to evaluate the assessment methods it has developed ...

4. River and Stream Water Quality Monitoring in Washington State [wa_de_riverandstreamwaterqual]
The Washington State Department of Ecology has conducted monthly water quality monitoring at hundreds of stream stations throughout the state since before 1959. Currently, the Stream Monitoring Unit ...

5. Wetland Ecology and Assessment Program [gomc_175]
Coastal salt marsh wetlands are unique, valuable, and highly productive ecosystems that provide vital habitat and refuge for fish, shellfish, and wildlife and perform important physical and chemical ...

6. LBA-ECO LC-07 Reflectance Spectra and Water Quality of Amazon Basin Floodplain Lakes [LC07_SPECTRORADIOMETRY]
This data set includes bidirectional reflectance (BDR) spectra and water-quality data of floodplain lakes of the Solimoes and Negro Rivers in the central Amazon basin, Amazonas, Brazil. Samples and ...

7. LBA-ECO LC-07 Water Quality, CO2, Chlorophyll, Lago Curuai, Para, Brazil: 2003-2004 [LC07_CURUAI_CHL]
This data set reports (1) concentrations of total, organic, and inorganic suspended solids; dissolved inorganic, and organic carbon; chlorophyll-a and (2) measurements of turbidity, ph, temperature, ...

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