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1. A manipulative field experiment examining the effect of heavy metal and hydrocarbon contaminated sediment on the recruitment of soft-sediment infauna. [ASAC_2201_Casey_SRE3]
The effects of hyrdocarbon and heavy metal contamination of marine sediments on recruitment of soft-sediment assemblages were examined in a field experiment at Casey Station, East Antarctica. Three ...

2. Casey EPH Fuel Tank Supply Line Leak - Soil samples for TPH analysis [IHIS2684]
The dataset contains a list of the location of sixteen soil samples taken from the vicinity of the Casey EPH fuel tank on the 13/02/2012 and 20/03/2012. Soil samples were taken for Total Petroleum ...

3. Diatom, and associated data from grid samples collected in Brown Bay [Diatoms_bbg]   PARENT METADATA
Sediment samples were collected from nine points along 3 parallel transects within the contaminated Brown Bay. The diatom spreadsheet (diatom_data) contains both initial diatom counts and the relative ...

4. Operational Taxonomic Unit (OTU) Microbial Ecotoxicology data from Macquarie Island and Casey Station: TPH, Chemistry and OTU Abundance data [ASAC_1163_Ecotox]
This dataset contains the following information with regards to the Ecotox Project: General location and sampling date metadata. Soil characteristic analysis such as grain size, etc. Full breakdown ...

5. Spatial and Temporal Scales of Human Disturbance - McMurdo Station, Antarctica [BO-318-O_mcmurdo]
This report summarizes the results of a study of the temporal and spatial scales of human disturbance at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. It represents the culmination of a series of international ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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