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1. Global, Hemispheric, and Zonal Temperature Anomalies Derived from Radiosonde Records, in CDIAC Online Trends and NOAA/ARL [CDIAC_ANGELL_TEMPS_TRENDS]
Surface temperatures and thickness-derived temperatures from a 63-station, globally distributed radiosonde network have been used to estimate global, hemispheric, and zonal annual and ...

2. ODP Site 677 timescale calibration [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_96-018]
ODP Site 677 timescale calibration notes: Ages are by astronomical correlation. Age model for 677 27.04.89 The O-18 data are species-corrected. There was a minor analytical problem with one series ...

3. Coral-based Tropical Sea Surface Temperature Reconstruction [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2006-093]
Recent large-scale palaeoclimate reconstructions of past temperature have been essentially biased to the extratropics owing to a paucity of proxy data in tropical regions. Herein we describe the ...

4. QBO Wind and Temperature for Balboa, Ascension, and Singapore by James Angell [OSDPD0172]
The quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) of wind and temperature in the tropical stratosphere is defined by zonal winds and temperature at Balboa, Canal Zone (9N), Singapore (1N), and Ascension Island ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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