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1. Coral-based Tropical Sea Surface Temperature Reconstruction [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2006-093]
Recent large-scale palaeoclimate reconstructions of past temperature have been essentially biased to the extratropics owing to a paucity of proxy data in tropical regions. Herein we describe the ...

2. Global, Hemispheric, and Zonal Temperature Anomalies Derived from Radiosonde Records, in CDIAC Online Trends and NOAA/ARL [CDIAC_ANGELL_TEMPS_TRENDS]
Surface temperatures and thickness-derived temperatures from a 63-station, globally distributed radiosonde network have been used to estimate global, hemispheric, and zonal annual and ...

3. Ice Cores [noaa-icecore-13943]
Records of past temperature, precipitation, atmospheric trace gases, and other aspects of climate and environment derived from ice cores drilled on glaciers and ice caps around the world. Parameter ...

4. International Tree Ring Data Bank (ITRDB) [noaa-tree-13831]
Tree ring data from the International Tree Ring Data Bank and World Data Center for Paleoclimatology archives. Data include raw treering measurements (most are annual ring width, with some collections ...

5. ODP Site 677 timescale calibration [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_96-018]
ODP Site 677 timescale calibration notes: Ages are by astronomical correlation. Age model for 677 27.04.89 The O-18 data are species-corrected. There was a minor analytical problem with one series ...

6. Paleolimnology [noaa-lake-13983]
Records of past climate and environment derived from lake sediment records. Parameter keywords describe what was measured in this data set. Additional summary information can be found in the abstracts ...

7. QBO Wind and Temperature for Balboa, Ascension, and Singapore by James Angell [OSDPD0172]
The quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) of wind and temperature in the tropical stratosphere is defined by zonal winds and temperature at Balboa, Canal Zone (9N), Singapore (1N), and Ascension Island ...

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