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1. Behavior Of The Stratospheric Ozone Over The Antarctic Peninsula And The Southern Tip Of South America During Spring 1996 [CDA_AR_OZONO_DATA_SPRING1996]
Three dimensional total ozone variations are associated with the low ozone air mass transport, with air mass vertical exchanges through the tropopause and with other synoptic weather behaviors. The ...

2. Characterization of the Antarctic polar vortex and meridional transport using stratospheric remote observations of tracers [CNDA-ESP_ANT97-0433]
In English: During this project's lifetime, Ozone and NO2 atmospheric contents have been measured daily at twilight. The required spectrometers were developed at INTA and an agreement between INTA ...

3. Lidar Studies of Atmospheric Structure, Dynamics and Climatology [lidar]
The lidar profiles density, temperature, wind velocity and aerosol loading from the lower troposphere to the upper mesosphere, depending on operating mode. Two main measurement techniques are employed. ...

4. Measurements of the boundary layer (bottom) of the atmosphere of the atmospheric trace gases NO2, O3, OClO and BrO [K085_2004_2005_NZ_1]
The experimental set up of the 'off axis' UV/visible wavelength diode array spectrometer was compared with a small portable field instrument. The diode array uses sunlight and moonlight to measure ...

5. Tropospheric and Stratospheric Aerosol Measurements [GKSS-Raman_Lidar]
The Raman_Lidar_Database contains Lidardata from about 150 measuring-nights (approx. 5 each month) at Geesthacht from August 1991 to March 1994. For each event absorption- and extinction-coefficients ...

6. LBA-ECO CD-02 Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes in Atmospheric CO2 in the Amazon: 1999-2004 [LBA_CDO2_ATMOSPHERE_ISOTOPES]
This data set reports carbon and oxygen stable isotope ratios of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) collected at several forest and pasture sites and in the free troposphere over Amazonia. There are ...

Ozonesonde launches were made by the Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes (SHADOZ) group as part of the SAFARI 2000 Dry Season Campaign in September 2000 (Thompson et al., 2002). Ozonesondes ...

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