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1. Global Synoptic Climatology Network [gov.noaa.ncdc.C00604]
Global Synoptic Climatology Network is a digital data set archived at the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). This record combines the various types of data that make-up DSI-9290. DSI-9290a - Canada ...

2. Global Synoptic Climatology Network [gov.noaa.ncdc.C00604]
Dataset DSI-9290 is the result of a joint effort to create a Global Synoptic Climatology Network among the Meteorological Service of Canada (Downsview, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia), Research ...

3. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Climate Data for the Ukraine Including Crimea, Kharkov, and Raievka (1855-1926) [NCL00054_61_67_68_69_73]
The Crimea data reside in 1 book, 'Climate and Zoology of the Crimea' (C/db C322), and is written in English. The data contained in this book are tables of mean, maximum, and minimum surface temperature ...

4. Hourly Observations and Climate Data for the Ukraine (1887-1937) [NCL00085_99]
The observational and climate data resides in 7 books, 'Meteorolgische Beobachtungen Angestellt an dem Observatorium Der K.K. Technischen Hochshulz in Lemberg' (C/db AO L), and 'Resultate Der Im an ...

5. Meteorological, Hydrological, and Oceanic Data for the Entire Russian Continent Residing in Numerous Hardcopy Volumes (1700-1962) [NCL0001020-233839414347-495960]
Meteorological, hydrological, and oceanic data for the entire Russian continent resides in many hardcopy books and atlases. The following is a list of such references. 'Annales De L'Observatoire ...

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