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1. Atmospheric Drag Density Data from AD-A, AD-B, and AD-C [AD-ABC]
This experiment was designed to determine nonsystematic changes of upper atmospheric density by conducting studies of the drag on a 3.6-m diameter, low-density sphere caused by short-term variations ...

2. Ionospheric Data with DPS-4 for Zhongshan Station [PRIC_IONOSONDE_ZHONGSHAN]
During the austral summer of 1994/1995 the Digisonde Portable Sounder-4 (DPS-4) was deployed at Zhongshan Station, Antarctica by the 11th Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition. ...

3. UARS, MST-Radar, TOMS, and TOVS/SSU Data from the British Atmospheric Data Center, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory via WWW [BADC_UK]   CHILD METADATA
The British Atmospheric Data Center, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory home page address on the WWW is ''. The British Atmospheric Data Centre ...

4. Unified Abstract Files (Combined AE Data) from Atmosphere Explorers (AE-C, AE-D, and AE-E - Available from NSSDC [73-101A]
Data collected by the Atmosphere Explorer C, D and E satellites are provided on one CD-ROM. The CD also includes data-related atmospheric/ionospheric/ magnetospheric models and software. The data ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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