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1. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the American Geological Institute (AGI) Global GIS Database [Global_GIS]
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and The American Geological Institute (AGI) announced a cooperative agreement that will focus on making the USGS Global Geographic Information ...

2. ADEOS-2 GLI 1Km Level 2 Vegetation Index product [ADEOS2_GLI_1Km_L2_VGI]
GLI-1km Level 2 VGI contains values of Vegetation Index with the geometric correction parameters added.

3. ADEOS-Ⅱ GLI 1Km Level 3 STA Map Vegetation Index product [ADEOS2_GLI_1Km_L3STA_Map_VGI]
GLI-1km Level 3STA Map VGI is originated from Level 3Binned data of VGI (Vegetation Index), and based on the binned data, it's statistically processed and then projected onto map.

4. GIS Data from the Montgomery County Maryland Atlas Project [CGIS_montgomery_GIS_atlas]
This data atlas provides GIS maps for download into a GIS database. The atlas includes feature data and image data. The feature data consists of airports, census block groups, ...

5. AVHRR SEAsia Mosaic of Vegetation Index 1986 - 95 (10 Images) [BANd0220_113]
Calibrated Vegetation Index from 1986 - 95 for SEAsia covers from lat: 0 - 35 degree N and long: 66 - 110 degree E

6. Global Monthly Maximum Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) [NDVI1X1] The normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) is derived from radiances measured in the visible and near-infrared spectrum by the ...

7. IAI-Science-ISP-3-077-001: Biozones of Patagonia (Argentina) [IAIDIS666]   PARENT METADATA
"We present a classification of Patagonian ecosystems basedon functional attributes derived from the seasonal curves of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), calculated from spectral data ...

8. NOAA Annual Global Vegetation Index (GVI) - Asia - 1982 to 1989 [BANd0008_113]
NOAA Global Annual maxima of Global Vegetation Index (GVI) dataset for Asia representing the period form 1982 to 1989

9. NOAA Monthly 10-Minute Normalized Vegetation Index (April 1985-December 1988) for Africa [NBId0042_101]
New-ID: NBI42 NOAA monthly Normalized Vegetation Index (NDVI) for Africa. NOAA Monthly 10-Min Normalized Vegetation Index Dataset (APRIL 1985 - DECEMBER 1988) Files: AFAPR85.IMG-AFDEC85.IMG ...

10. NOAA Monthly Global Vegetation Index (GVI) - Asia - 1982 to 1989 [BANd0006_113]
NOAA Monthly Global Vegetation Index (GVI maxima) dataset for Asia. The dataset represents the period from April 1982 to 1989

11. NOAA Weekly Global Vegetation Index (GVI) - Asia - 1982 to 1989 [BANd0005_113]
NOAA Weekly Global Vegetation Index (GVI maxima) dataset for Asia. The dataset represents the period from April 1982 to December 1989

12. Surface Moisture Index (SMI) Drought Maps from the University of Montana, EOS Training Center [SMI_UM-EOS]
Surface Moisture Index (SMI) data is available for both land management and fire management applications from the University of Montana Earth Observing System Training Center, Natural Resource Project. ...

13. The Global Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) 3 CD-ROM Data Set from Rutgers University [GRASS_RUTGERS]
The Cook College Remote Sensing Center of Rutgers University and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (USA/CERL) have signed a cooperative agreement ...

14. Vegetation Index Map of Asia [TSUd0002_107]
This data set was produced by the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) of the Environment Agency of Japan. It consists of cloud free CVI(Calibrated Vegetation Index) digital maps for ...

A comprehensive global database has been assembled to quantify CO2 fluxes and pathways across different levels of integration (from photosynthesis up to net ecosystem production) in forest ecosystems. ...

A physically-based model, Energy: Surface Towards Atmosphere (ESTA), was used to model and map the energy and water balances of a heterogeneous land surface in a savanna environment on the southern ...

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