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1. Acadia National Park Vegetation Mapping Project - Spatial Vegetation Data [USGS_NPS_AcadiaSpatialVeg]
ABSTRACT: The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC) has produced the Vegetation Spatial Database Coverage (vegetation map) for the Acadia National Park ...

2. Fire, Hydrology, and Soils along the Mangrove Ecotone within the Greater Everglades Ecosystem [USGS_SOFIA_FireHydroSoils]
Fire in the south Florida landscape has historically been influential in shaping the ecosystem. The link between hydrology, soil formation, and fire is a critical complex component in the persistence ...

3. Heard Island, Laurens Peninsula, Topographic Mapping from Orthophoto Mosaic derived from Non-Metric Photography [photo_mosaic_laurens_or_TopoMapping]
The Heard Island, Laurens Peninsula, Topographic Data was mapped from Ortho-rectified non-metric photography. The data consists of Coastline, Crater, Volcano, Island, Lagoon, Water Storage and Watercourse ...

4. Heard Island: Terrestrial Biology: Documenting vegetation change on Heard Island. [ASAC_1181]   CHILD METADATA
2000-01 fieldwork undertaken Heard Island 53 deg. 05 min. S., 73 deg. 30 min. E. Field area covered: southeast end of island from Long Beach to Gilchrist Beach. 150 GPS control points collected on ...

5. Heard Island: baseline data for monitoring longterm change. (b) Vegetation mapping from non-rectified aerial photographs and satellite imagery with accompanying data. [HI_VEG_NON_ORTHO_VEGMAP]   PARENT METADATA
The majority of the coastal areas of Heard Island have had their vegetation mapped using orthophotos (HI_VEG_ORTHO_VEGMAP). For the remaining areas, five sets of shapefiles cover the vegetation mapping ...

6. Heard Island: baseline data for monitoring longterm change. (c) Orthophotos used for vegetation mapping. [HI_VEG_ORTHOPHOTOS_VEGMAP]   PARENT METADATA
The vegetation mapping project used a set of 1987 and 1980 orthophotos and orthophoto mosaics for mapping and screen-digitising (see "Quality" section). Contact AADC for access to these. A shapefile ...

7. Inventory and Monitoring Project, Vegetation Protocol, Denali National Park and Preserve [usgsbrdasc0011]
The location of the zone of transition between boreal forest and tundra, often referred to as treeline, has shifted in the past in response to climate change. Global warming is predicted ...

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