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1. Genetic sequencing of terrestrial invertebrates along the latitudinal range of the Ross Dependency to determine patterns of biodiversity, phylogenetic relationships and levels of gene flow among populations [K028_1999_2008_NZ_1]
Molecular techniques (allozyme electrophoresis and mitochondrial gene sequencing) were used to characterise the Antarctic terrestrial biodiversity along the latitudinal range of the Ross Dependency ...

2. Palaeozoic Terrane Correlation: New Zealand and Antarctica [K051_2003_2004_NZ_2]
In St Johns Range and eastern Olympus Range, unusually coarse lithologies at the base of the Beacon Supergroup have the potential to provide significant information on the provenance of the earliest ...

3. The Heimdall Erosion surface [K051_2006_2007_NZ_1]
The Heimdall Erosion surface between Mt Jason, Mt Hercules, Mt Electra, Balham Valley, Vashka Lake and Sponsors Peak was investigated with the aim to evaluate the tectonic setting of early Beacon ...

4. The Heimdall and Kukri Erosion surfaces [K051_2007_2008_NZ_1]
The Heimdall Erosion Surface was followed southwards from the Olympus Range through the Asgard Range and onward to the mountains south of the Taylor-Ferrar Glaciers where it is said to die out or ...

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