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1. Canadian Transect of Soils and Vegetation for the Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map [ARCSS081]
This report summarizes environmental, vegetation, and soil data collected from 116 releves along a 2000-km transect from Amund Ringnes, Axel Heiberg, and Ellesmere Islands in the northern Canadian ...

2. Vegetation and Site Characterization, 1998-99 ATLAS Grid Transect, Northern Alaska [ARCSS084]
This data set comprises the text and data presented in the data report 'A western Alaskan transect to examine interactions of climate, substrate, vegetation, and spectral reflectance: ATLAS grids ...

3. Happy Valley Permanent Vegetation Plots [ARCSS083]
This data set includes environmental, soil, and vegetation information collected from 55 relev?? plots at the Happy Valley research site along the Sagavanirktok River in northern Alaska. To complement ...

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