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1. Amundsen Sea Sector Data Set [NSIDC-0312]
This data set includes a nested model, that starts at low resolution for the whole Antarctic Ice Sheet, and then embeds higher resolution data at limited domains. There are at least three levels of ...

2. Continuous GPS (static) Data from the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica [NSIDC-0347]
In October 2005, three geodetic GPS receivers were deployed on the Ross Ice Shelf near the ice front to observe short-term fluctuations in ice-shelf velocity associated with tidal forcing and other ...

3. Ice Velocity Data from Ice Stream C, West Antarctica [NSIDC-0106]
Ice velocity data from ice stream C, including the body of the ice stream and its area of onset, are available. The investigator calculated velocities from precise ice displacement measurements made ...

4. Airborne Cloud Radar (ACR) Reflectivity, Wakasa Bay, Japan [NSIDC-0212]
This data set includes 94 GHz co- and cross-polarized radar reflectivity. The Airborne Cloud Radar (ACR) sensor was mounted to a NASA P-3 aircraft flown over the Sea of Japan, the Western Pacific ...

5. Surface Velocities of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica [NSIDC-0324]
This data set contains surface velocities of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica, for the year 2003. Measurement period was approximately 12 months. There are approximately 250 locations in this data set.

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