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1. Dielectric Constant and Water Potential Measurements During the Forest Ecosystem Dynamics - Multisensor Aircraft Campaign [FEDMAC_DIELECTRIC]
Forest Ecosystem Dynamics Multisensor Airborne Campaign (FED MAC): Dielectric and Pressure Bomb Data for Hemlock and Red Spruce The Biospheric Sciences Branch (formerly Earth Resources Branch) within ...

2. Genotypic Variation in Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Mature Ponderosa Pine Trees [USDA0562]
Data in "Genotypic Variation in Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Mature Ponderosa Pine Trees" consists of measurements of xylem water potential, soil moisture, gas exchange and carbon isotope discrimination ...

3. Soil Moisture Characteristic Curves, Barrow, Alaska, 2016 [Soil_Moisture_Characteristic_Curves_Barrow_Alaska_2016]
This dataset includes soil moisture characteristic curves for soil and permafrost collected in frozen cores from the Barrow Environmental Observatory.

4. Soil Water Characteristics of Cores from Low- and High-Centered Polygons, Barrow, Alaska, 2012 [Soil_Water_Char_Cores_Low_High_Centered_Polygons_Barrow_Alaska_2012]
This dataset includes soil water characteristic curves for soil and permafrost in two representative frozen cores collected from a high-center polygon (HCP) and a low-center polygon (LCP) from the ...

The BOREAS TE-09 team collected several data sets related to chemical and photosynthetic properties of leaves. This data set describes (1) the response of leaf and shoot-level photosynthesis to ambient ...

The BOREAS TE-12 team collected water potential data in 1993 and 1994 from aspen, jack pine and black spruce leaves/needles. Collections were made at the SSA FEN, YJP, YA, OA, and OBS sites. Measurements ...

7. BOREAS TE-05 Leaf Gas Exchange Data [BOREAS_TE5LGXD]
The BOREAS group TE-05 collected measurements in the NSA and SSA on gas exchange, gas composition and tree growth. The leaf photosynthetic gas exchange data were collected in the BOREAS NSA and the ...

8. BOREAS TE-06 Predawn Leaf Water Potentials and Foliage Moisture Content Data [BOREAS_TE6H2OPD]
The BOREAS TE-06 team collected several data sets to examine the influence of vegetation, climate, and their interactions on the major carbon fluxes for boreal forest species. This data set contains ...

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