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1. Fire and Water Data in the Southwest [SWIN_WAFER]
SWIN-WAFER was developed by the U.S. Geological Survey?s Fort Collins (Colorado) Science Center in partnership with the New Mexico State University Laboratory for Environmental Spatial ...

2. Indiana Climate Data from the Indiana State Climate Office [INDIANA_STATE_CLIMATOLOGY]
[Text Source: Indiana State Climate Office, ] The Indiana State Climate Office ( Iclimate ) is the state archive of official daily and hourly weather ...

3. Historical Weather Indices from Switzerland [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_93-027]
These two files contain the Graduated Indices GI [+3 ,-3] for both temperature and precipitation from 1525 to 1989. The first column contains the year, followed by the monthly temperature indices. ...

4. Historical Weather DataBase in Japan [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_93-028]
The database consists of counts of number of days per month for each prevailing weather condition. Weather conditions recorded are: T1: Fine T2: Partly Cloudy T3: Cloudy T4: Shower ...

5. California Weather Database for the Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) [IPM_CAWX]
To provide an online archive of daily information, with long-term data for NOAA climate stations Stores both current and historical daily weather data for approximately 350 weather stations throughout ...

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