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1. Open Ocean Aquaculture Gulf of Maine; Buoy data, Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire [WEBCOAST_COOA_Ocean_Aquaculture]
Data are collected every 15 min from instruments deployed at 3 depths on a single buoy: Buoy location: 42° 56.724 N, 70° 37.715 W, 1.8 km south of the Isle of Shoals, off Portsmouth, NH, USA. On ...

2. REACH Gulf of Maine; Regional Ecology and Coastal Hydrography Data in the Western Gulf of Maine [WEBCOAST_COOA_REACH]
REACH conducted monthly field investigations on the R/V Gulf Challenger to sample four stations along a cross-shelf transect off Portsmouth, NH in the Western Gulf of Maine. As of 2004, REACH cruises ...

3. PULSE of the Gulf of Maine; Partnership for Pelagic Ecosystem Monitoring in the Gulf of Maine Data [WEBCOAST_COOA_PULSE_Eco_Monitor]
PULSE, the Partnership for Pelagic Ecosystem Monitoring in the Gulf of Maine Data, collects weekly samples of the state of the pelagic ecosystem in the Gulf of Maine at two fixed sites: GoMOOS Buoy ...

4. Lobster Catch Study; Coastal New Hampshire and Estuary Habitat [WEBCOAST_COOA_LOBSTER]
These lobster catch data were collected as part of research projects of Dr. Winsor Watson and his students in the Zoology Department at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH., USA. Data were ...

5. Gulf of Maine Cruise Data - pCO2 Carbon Dioxide [COOA_pCO2]   PARENT METADATA
The UNH Coastal Ocean Observing Center's Coastal Carbon Group is an interdisciplinary research team within UNH-EOS engaged in efforts to observe and model how the Earth's pool of carbon moves between ...

6. Gulf of Maine Cruise Data - Transects, Special Samplings [WEBCOAST_COOA_Cruise_Data]   CHILD METADATA
This collection contains data acquired on cruises to the Western Gulf of Maine. Monthly cruises began in April 2002 for the REACH project with limited spatial coverage and limited measurements. Beginning ...

7. MODIS Aggregate for the Gulf of Maine; MODIS Ocean Products SST and Chlorophyll-a 8-Day L2 Global 1.25 km Lambert Grid, DOY: 305, 2000 to present [WEBCOAST_US_MOD_SST-CHL]
This dataset represents spatial aggregates of a variable number of granules of the MODIS Ocean standard level 2 products that cover the Gulf of Maine. Each product is an 8-day composite, which was ...

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