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1. Bristol Channel Suspended Sediments Data Bank (collected by Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Taunton) (1974-1978) [BODC_IOS_BristolSusSed]
The Fluid Mud data bank was designed by the (former) Institute of Oceanographic Sciences (Taunton), UK, to hold turbidity data collected in an area of the Severn Estuary between the Shoots and Bridgwater ...

2. Coastal Baseline Survey of England and Wales Collected by the UK Environment Agency [UK_EA_NCEMS_001]
The Environment Agency is responsible for monitoring the entire coastal zone as defined by the three nautical mile limit. An R & D project (Airborne Remote Sensing of Coastal Waters, published in ...

3. England and Wales Area-Average Precipitation Amount, in CDIAC, Trends '93 [CDIAC_ENGLAND_PRECIP_TRENDS]
Area-average precipitation amount for England and Wales has been analyzed using homogeneous precipitation records compiled by Tabony (1980) for 55 stations for the period 1861-1970 and Wigley et al. ...

4. European Diatom Database [uk_nc_eddi]   CHILD METADATA
The European Diatom Database (EDDI) is a database of diatom training datsets and transfer functions. It has has been developed by combining and harmonizing data from a series of smaller ...

5. UK MAFF Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity Data Set (ship routes to and from the UK) (1963-1990) [BODC_MAFF_ShipRoutes_SST_Sal]
Sea surface temperature and salinity data have been collected by ships regularly plying routes between ports in the British Isles and the Continent, and on routes to the Ocean Weather Stations (OWS) ...

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