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1. Digital Data Catalogue, Ottawa, Canada [Canada_CityofOttawa_DigiDataCat]
The City of Ottawa Digital Data Catalogue includes topographic data at scales of 1:10,000 and 1:2,000. Themes include agriculture and forestry, general and miscellaneous, emergency services, ...

2. Amount of incinerated waste from Australian Antarctic Stations [SOE_incinerated_waste]
INDICATOR DEFINITION This indicator identifies the total weight of material incinerated, and the weights of the major components on Casey, Davis, Mawson and Macquarie Island stations. The figures ...

3. Emissions of CH4 - Waste (Model Estimations, RIVM-MNP) [geodata_1165]
A global emissions source database called EDGAR has been developed jointly by TNO and RIVM to meet the urgent need of atmospheric chemistry and climate modellers and the need of policy-makers. The ...

4. Emissions of GHGs - from Waste (National Reports, UNFCCC) [geodata_1982]
Emissions of ghgs from waste correspond to the total emissions from solid waste disposal on land, wastewater, waste incineration and any other waste management activity. Any CO2 emissions from fossil-based ...

5. Energy Production - Combustible Renewables and Waste (IEA) [geodata_0927]
Production refers to the quantities of fuels extracted or produced, calculated after any operation for removal of inert matter or impurities (e.g. sulphur from natural gas). Waste refers to the quantities ...

6. Locating an ice-covered Antarctic landfill using ground magnetometry [AAS_4029_Magnetometry]
The abandoned Wilkes Station remains a significant waste problem in Antarctica with a large proportion of this waste buried in the ice for much of the year. A large proportion of this waste is locked ...

7. Participation in Treaties - Basel Convention [geodata_1477]
The Basel Convention on the Control of Tranboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal was adopted in 1989 and entered into force on 5 May 1992.

8. Survey data for Thala Valley Clean Up Project 2003/4 [TVCleanupSurvey0304]
Survey information on the Thala Valley landfill clean up site from the summer season of 2003/2004 - final survey of site before departure, including stockpile sites - survey of all points where samples ...

9. Total Primary Energy Supply - Combustible Renewables and Waste (IEA) [geodata_0946]
Total primary energy supply (TPES) is made up of production + imports - exports - international marine bunkers +/- stock changes. Combustible renewables and waste comprises solid biomass and animal ...

10. Treated Waste Water Reused [geodata_1021]
Reused treated wastewater corresponds to an annual quantity of treated wastewater that is reused. The treated wastewater is wastewater discharged from treatment plant (effluent).

11. Trends in emissions of acidifying pollutants in Europe [EEA_ACID]
The Trends in emissions of acidifying pollutants (CLRTAP/EMEP) datasets provide data on anthropogenic emissions of acidifying pollutants (NH3, NOX, SO2) sent by countries to CLRTAP/EMEP with copies ...

12. Trends in emissions of ozone precursors (CLRTAP/EMEP) [EEA_CLRTAP_EMEP]
Data on anthropogenic emissions of ozone precursors (CO and NMVOC) sent by countries to CLRTAP/EMEP with copies to EEA and ETC/ACC. Data compiled and held by ETC/ACC are annual national total emissions ...

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