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1. Environment and Water Quality Data Associated with Industrial Projects on Land and Offshore for the Northwest Territories - Canada [CANEMRCCRSNWTENVIRO]
This dataset includes site location and pollutant concentration. The pollutants identified are: heavy metals, major elements, microbiological characteristics, industrial pollutants, oils/hydrocarbons, ...

2. Water Resources Database - Northern Canada [CANEMRCCRSWRDB]
This is a water resources database with subsets related to: Hydrometric Network, Water Licensing, Water Quality Network, and Sediment Network. Coverage is the Yukon and Northwest Territories. ...

3. A Study of Forest Influences on Streamflow in the Ridge and Valley Province of Pennsylvania, USDA/FS [USDA_FS80]
This is part of a cooperative research program evaluating "best management practices", atmospheric deposition impacts on water quality, hydrologic response, nutrient cycling, and water yields from ...

4. Forest Influence on Streamflow in the Pequannock Watershed, USDA/FS [USDA_FS77]
The purpose of this data is to determine the effects of forest management practices on water quality and quantity. "Forest Influence on Streamflow in the Pequannock Watershed" is a long-term dataset ...

5. Gaston County Water Quality and Water Quantity [USDA0111]
Comprehensive database on water quality for the county. Collection Organization: USDA-CES - Gaston County, NC Collection Methodology: Well sampling, water quality sampling, some digitized land ...

6. Marcell Experimental Forest Long-term Streamflow Records from Calibrated Watershed [USDA0157]
To monitor the quantity of runoff from forested, upland and peatland watersheds. Data include water quantity (head readings, CFS values, inches of runoff, etc.) and are used to interpret results ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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