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1. Public Water Supply Service Territories [MassGIS_GISDATA.PWSTERR_POLY]
Areas potentially served by existing larger public water supplies within 131 municipalities in the state.

2. Sites of major desalination operations under study or development along the Massachusetts coast, 2006 [CZM_moris_desalinization_plants_poly]
These GIS data show potential or developing locations of desalination plants in Massachusetts as reported in public media or state/federal regulatory filings as of June 2006. Data are preliminary ...

3. Dams [geodata_0291]
Construction of reservoirs became a worldwide activity in the second half of the twentieth century. The total storage capacity of the large reservoirs is more than 100 million cubic meters, which ...

4. National Pesticide Survey (NPS) [EPA0129]
The "National Pesticide Survey (NPS)" contains the results of a one-time survey conducted by EPA to determine the frequency and concentration of pesticides and nitrate in drinking water wells nationwide, ...

5. Surface Water Supply Index (SWSI) Maps and Data from USDA/NRCS, Montana [USDA_NRCS_SWSI]
The Surface Water Supply Index (SWSI) was developed by Shafer and Dezman (1982) to complement the Palmer Index for moisture conditions across the state of Colorado. The Palmer Index is basically a ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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