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1. Drought Monitor [ensounl_drought]
The U.S. Drought Monitor map provides a summary of drought conditions across the United States and Puerto Rico. Often described as a blend of art and science, the map is updated weekly by combining ...

2. Mountain Area Safety Taskforce Vegetation Mortality and Wildfire Map [MAST]
The Mountain Area Safety Taskforce Vegetation Mortality and Wildfire Map provides you with the tools and geographic data you need to create a custom map that will show vegetation mortality status, ...

3. Burning Risk Advisory Support System (BRASS) [TAMU_BRASS]
The Burning Risk Advisory Support System (BRASS) provides continuous means for forest and grassland managers to assess vegetation and weather to support decisions related to prescribed burning and/or ...

4. EO-1 Web Feature Service [urnuuidd3961388-f5aa-472b-a637-882ae407fe66]
This service describes a Web Feature Service showing hot pixels from MODIS direct downlink to Salt Lake City, Utah and correlated with national inter-agency fire center wildfires of national importance ...

5. Pacific Disaster Center's World Disaster Alerts [PDC_APP_DIS_ALERT]
The Disaster Alert (by Pacific Disaster Center) provides a listing and an interactive map of Active Hazards occurring around the globe. Additional hazard information can be viewed and shared. The ...

6. Worldview - NASA EOSDIS Tool To Interactively Browse Full-resolution Global, Near Real-time Spacecraft Imagery [NASA_EOSDIS_WORLDVIEW]
The tool from NASA's EOSDIS provides the capability to interactively browse full-resolution, global, near real-time spacecraft imagery from 3 (eventually 30+) data products from LANCE. This will support ...

7. MODIS Active Fire Mapping Program ArcIMS Fire Maps [USDA_MODIS_GIS]
The USDA Forest Service Active Fire Maps are ArcIMS map services are interactive web-based maps that facilitate the display of MODIS fire detection data in conjunction with other geospatial data layers. ...

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