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1. Arctic benthic invertebrate collection of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science [ArcOD_2006B3]   PARENT METADATA
This dataset describes the Arctic component of the marine invertebrate collection of the Zoological Institute RAN (in Russian; in English: ZIN RAS Russian Academy of Sciences), one of the largest ...

2. Benthic community structure in the Chirikov Basin, northern Bering Sea: A comparison between 1986 and 2002 [ArcOD_2007B2]   PARENT METADATA
Macrobenthic infauna collections were made to investigate potential changes in community structure (abundance, biomass, diversity) in the Chirikov Basin, northern Bering Sea between 1986 and 2002; ...

3. Distribution and structure of macrobenthic fauna in the eastern Laptev Sea in relation to environmental factors [ArcOD_2006B8]   PARENT METADATA
The Laptev Sea still ranks among the less known regions of the world?s ocean. Here, we describe the distribution and composition of macrobenthic communities of the eastern shelf and identify key environmental ...

4. Distribution, standing stock, growth, mortality and production of Strongylocentrotus pallidus (sea urchin) in the northern Barents Sea. [ArcOD_2007B3]   PARENT METADATA
The regular sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus pallidus, (G.O.Sars, 1871) is a widespread epibenthic species in high-Arctic waters. However, little is known about its distribution, standing stock, population ...

5. Macrozoobenthos composition, abundance and biomass in the Arctic Ocean along a transect between Svalbard and the Makarov Basin 1991. [ArcOD_2006B2]   PARENT METADATA
Macrofauna has been sampled during R/V Polarstern research cruise ARK VIII/3 in August-September (1st August til 1st October) 1991 at 30 stations, at water depths of 1018-4478 m, along a transect ...

6. Southeastern Chukchi Sea (Alaska) epibenthos 1976 [ArcOD_2006B4]   PARENT METADATA
Epibenthos of the southeastern Chukchi Sea, inclusive of Kotzebue Sound, was sampled in 1976. Otter trawl, condend, was lined with 31.8mm (1.25"). mesh for retention of fish and epifauna. Crustaceans ...

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