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1. Hudson's Bay Company Ships' Log-Books as Sources of Sea Ice Data, 1751-1870, Climate Since A.D. 1500 Database, WDC Paleoclimatology [NOAA_WDCPALEO_CLIM1500_CH1]   PARENT METADATA
Annual sea ice indices indices are used in the compilation of Tables 2.1 and 2.2 (""). The three records refer to Hudson Strait, Eastern Hudson Bay ...

2. Causes of Climate Change Over the Past 1000 Years, NOAA/NCDC/WDC Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2000-045]
Recent reconstructions of northern hemisphere temperatures and climate forcing over the last 1000 years allow the warming of the 20th century to be placed within a historical context and various mechanisms ...

3. Climate Since AD 1500 Database, WDC Paleoclimatology [EARTH_LAND_NGDC_PALEOCLIM1500AD]   CHILD METADATA
This data set contains the data described in various chapters of the book: CLIMATE SINCE A.D. 1500 Edited by Raymond S. Bradley and Philip D. Jones published ...

4. Equatorial Africa 40 KYr Precipitation Reconstructions from WDC/Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NGDC_EQAFRICA_PRECIP]
"Paleoclimatic estimates of mean annual rainfall in the equatorial highlands of Central East Africa have been established for the last 40 kyr. The values are inferred from nine fossil pollen sequences, ...

5. Global Temperature Patterns in Past Centuries [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2000-075]
Data consists of cold-season Nino 3 region (an estimate of El Nino-related temperature variability) reconstructed data. See:

6. Graybill and Shiyatov reconstructed June-July average temperatures (N.W. Russia), Climate Since A.D. 1500 Database, WDC Paleoclimatology [NOAA_WDCPALEO_CLIM1500_CH20]   PARENT METADATA
Data from Graybill and Shiyatov. Reconstructed June-July average temperatures at 65N, 70E (N.W. Russia) expressed as departures from the 1951-70 average ( Figure 20.4 in Bradley and Jones (1992)).

7. Jamestown-Roanoke Climate Reconstructions from WDC-A/Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NGDC_PALEO_JAMESTOWN]
This data set consists of reconstructions of July Palmer Hydrologic Drought Index (PHDI) data for two southern Virginia Coastal and Piedmont and two northern and central North Carolina coastal climate ...

8. Middle Boulder Creek, Colorado Mean Annual Streamflow Reconstruction [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2002-006]
Middle Boulder Creek, Colorado mean annual streamflow reconstruction, 1703-1987. Data consists of reconstruction of mean annual flow, in cubic meters/second, of Middle Boulder Creek above Barker ...

9. Multi-Proxy North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) Reconstruction, 1429-1983, WDC/Paleoclimatology [NOAA_NGDC_PALEO_NAO_RECON]
[from the NOAA/NCDC/WDC Paleclimatology documentation] Tree-ring records from Morocco and Finland are combined with GISP2 d18O and accumulation records to develop a lengthy multi-proxy reconstruction ...

10. Net accumulation data from Lomonosovfonna, Svalbard and Milcent from Arctic ice cores, Climate Since A.D. 1500 Database, WDC Paleoclimatology [NOAA_WDCPALEO_CLIM1500_CH26]   PARENT METADATA
Data from Tarussov. Net accumulation data from Lomonosovfonna, Svalbard and Milcent, Greenland (shown in Figure 26.4). Annual Melt percentage (AMP) data for Austfonna, Svalbard (shown in Figures ...

11. Ring width chronologies for several sites around Lake Inari (northern Finland) and Tornetrask region (northern Sweden), Climate Since A.D. 1500 Database [NOAA_WDCPALEO_CLIM1500_CH19]   PARENT METADATA
Data from Briffa and Schweingruber. Ring width chronologies for several sites around Lake Inari (northern Finland) and the Tornetrask region of northern Sweden (shown in Figure 19.2 of Bradley and ...

12. WSL-Birmensdorf Tree Ring Data [NOAA_NGDC_PALEO_WSL]   PARENT METADATA
The data set contains nearly 500 sites from around the world, including ring width and wood density measurements, and site chronologies. This data set is a contribution to the International Tree Ring ...

13. White River Flow Reconstruction [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_1994-024]
This data set contains river flow from the White River at Clarendon, Arkansas in Cubic Km/Yr), derived from tree-ring data.

14. White River, Arkansas 963 Year Streamflow Reconstruction [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_2001-033]
This data set consists of reconstructed June/July/August streamflow from White River, AR (cubic meter/second, divided by 1000); Standard deviation 1023-1299 reduced to match standrad deviation 1300-1985 ...

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