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1. Exopolysaccharides from Antarctic bacteria [ASAC_2348]
Exopolysaccharide (EPS) is complex sugar made by many microbes in the Antarctic marine environment. This project seeks to understand the ecological role of microbial EPS in the Southern Ocean, where ...

2. Growing in Antarctica, a challenge for white adipose tissue development in Adélie penguin chicks (Pygoscelis adeliae) [131_9_IPEV_FR]
Rapid growth is of crucial importance for Ad?lie penguin chicks reared during the short Antarctic summer. It partly depends on the rapid ontogenesis of fat stores that are virtually null at hatching ...

3. Desaturases: Extreme cold adaptation and the biological significance in Antarctic organisms [UNISA_DIFARMA_DESATURASES]
It has been shown that thermal stability of proteins is modified by very minor changes in the amino acid (aa) sequence. For ex., for malic dehydrogenase and other proteins, a single aa substitution ...

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