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1. Dust Count Observations March 1933 - August 1933 in College-Fairbanks, AK [G02199]
These data are daily dust count observations taken in College-Fairbanks, Alaska from 23 March 1933 to 29 August 1933. The data are part of a larger collection titled "Second International Polar Year ...

2. Climatology, Volcanism, and Microbial Life in Ice with Downhole Loggers [price_0440609]
This award supports a project to use two spectrofluorimeters - one with a 224-nm laser to excite protein fluorescence and non-protein aerosol and dust fluorescence, and the other with a 404-nm laser ...

3. GISP2 Meltwater Laser-Light Scattering Dust Concentration Profile Data [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO-2002-058]
Laser Light Scattering (LLS) from meltwater was used to obtain dust concentrations along the top 120 m of the GISP2 B core. In this technique, the intensity of light scattered at 90 degrees from the ...

4. GISP2 Solid Ice Laser Light Scattering (LLS) Dust, 111 KYrBP -12 KYrBP [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_GISP2LLS]
These data are a compilation of the detailed solid ice laser light scattering (LLS) files. They are essentially 1 meter averages (every 500 data points of the LLS files averaged) above 2100 meters ...

5. EPICA Dome C Ice Cores Insoluble Dust Data [PALEO_EPICA_2004-040]   PARENT DIF
Data consists of concentration of insoluble dust in the EPICA Dome C cores, 100-3138 m depth. Dust concentration and size distribution were measured by a 256 channel CoulterCounter, set to register ...

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