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1. Historical Earthquake Catalogue of Switzerland [HISTORICAL_EQ_CAT_SWITZ]
The following is taken from the MECOS website, "". The Swiss Seismological Service (SED) has prepared the earthquake catalogue ...

2. Current and Near Real Time Earthquake Data from the USGS/National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) [USGS_NEIC_NEARRT]
The National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC of the U.S. Geological Survey provides current earthquake information and data including interactive earthquake maps, near real time earthquake data, ...

3. Earthquake Data Base (Hypocenter Data Files) from 2100 B.C. to Present Including Associated Phenomena and other Seismic Events [FE00121]
The Earthquake Data Base (sometimes called hypocenter data files) contains information on approximately 750,000 earthquakes for the period 2100 BC through the present. The file includes for each ...

4. Sumatra-Andaman Islands Earthquake - 2004 [IRIS_9.0_EQ]
A magnitude 9.0 megathrust earthquake occurred on December 26, 2004 just off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The earthquake happened on the interface of the India and Burma plates. Based on preliminary ...

5. Northeast Pacific Seismicity Quarterly Epicenter Maps [NESEISMIC_VENTS]
Earthquake location maps for the NE Pacific have been accumulated since August 29, 1991. The source location fixes are based on bearing and arrival time information at 3 to 11 SOSUS hydrophone sites. ...

6. BMR-ASC World Earthquake Database; BMR, Australia [EARTH_INT_AUS_BMR_EARTHQUAKE_DB]
BMR-ASC World Earthquake Database is maintained by the Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources (BMR). It lists the Hypocentres of world earthquakes from 1904-1989 and Australian earthquakes from 1873-1991 ...

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