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1. Canadian Diatom Database [CANADA_GSC_CanadianDiatomDbase]
The Canadian Diatom Database includes two components, the first one contains approximately 5,000 diatom samples with their description, precise geographic location and associated information, ...

2. Collaborative Research: Integrating Geomorphological and Paleoecological Studies to Reconstruct Neogene Environments of the Transantarctic Mountains [ANT-0739700_BU-054-004]
This project studies the last vestiges of life in Antarctica from exceptionally well-preserved fossils of tundra life--mosses, diatoms, ostracods, Nothofagus leaves, wood, and insect remains recently ...

3. Fossil-rich lacustrine deposits in the Dry Valleys, Antarctica [ANT-0440711_BU-054-003]
The data set includes fossil images,trace-element geochemical analyses of volcanic tephra, geochronologic data for Dry Valleys ashfall deposits, locations and description of soil pits in the Antarctic ...

4. North Sea Basin Early Cretaceous Paleoceanography [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_95-022]
Nannofossil assemblages and fine fraction stable isotopes from 4 localities in the North Sea Basin: TABLE1 Location: BGS Borehole, North Sea Latitude: 54o38.919'N Longitude: 0o14.509'E TABLE2 Location: ...

5. Palaeontology and Palaeoenvironment of the Marine Plain area (Vestfold Hills) in the Pliocene [ASAC_884]
This project is very closely related to ASAC project 666 (ASAC_666). See that project for more details. A copy of the masters thesis arising from the project is attached to the record. Physical ...

6. Subfossil avian assemblages and marine invertebrates found within marine deposits help to reconstruct Holocene environmental history at Potter Peninsula [CDA_AR_GEO_PINGFO]   PARENT METADATA
Holocene marine invertebrates and subfossil avian assemblages were found within marine deposits elevated 1.17-16.7 m a.s.l. on the coasts of Potter Peninsula, King George Island. Early Holocene Laternula ...

7. Type Localities for organisms and fossils first described from Antarctica [Type_localities]
This data set lists over 300 organisms that were first described from locations either on the Antarctic continent, or on islands immediately to the north of the Antarctic Peninsula. Sub-Antarctic ...

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