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1. Subfossil avian assemblages and marine invertebrates found within marine deposits help to reconstruct Holocene environmental history at Potter Peninsula [CDA_AR_GEO_PINGFO]   PARENT METADATA
Holocene marine invertebrates and subfossil avian assemblages were found within marine deposits elevated 1.17-16.7 m a.s.l. on the coasts of Potter Peninsula, King George Island. Early Holocene Laternula ...

2. Canadian Diatom Database [CANADA_GSC_CanadianDiatomDbase]
The Canadian Diatom Database includes two components, the first one contains approximately 5,000 diatom samples with their description, precise geographic location and associated information, ...

3. Collaborative Research: Integrating Geomorphological and Paleoecological Studies to Reconstruct Neogene Environments of the Transantarctic Mountains [ANT-0739700_BU-054-004]
This project studies the last vestiges of life in Antarctica from exceptionally well-preserved fossils of tundra life--mosses, diatoms, ostracods, Nothofagus leaves, wood, and insect remains recently ...

4. Fossil-rich lacustrine deposits in the Dry Valleys, Antarctica [ANT-0440711_BU-054-003]
The data set includes fossil images,trace-element geochemical analyses of volcanic tephra, geochronologic data for Dry Valleys ashfall deposits, locations and description of soil pits in the Antarctic ...

5. North Sea Basin Early Cretaceous Paleoceanography [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO_95-022]
Nannofossil assemblages and fine fraction stable isotopes from 4 localities in the North Sea Basin: TABLE1 Location: BGS Borehole, North Sea Latitude: 54o38.919'N Longitude: 0o14.509'E TABLE2 Location: ...

6. Palaeontology and Palaeoenvironment of the Marine Plain area (Vestfold Hills) in the Pliocene [ASAC_884]
This project is very closely related to ASAC project 666 (ASAC_666). See that project for more details. A copy of the masters thesis arising from the project is attached to the record. Physical ...

7. Type Localities for organisms and fossils first described from Antarctica [Type_localities]
This data set lists over 300 organisms that were first described from locations either on the Antarctic continent, or on islands immediately to the north of the Antarctic Peninsula. Sub-Antarctic ...

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