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1. Flomaton Natural Area: 1994, 1995, 1997, 2002, and 2003 [AU_soilsdata]
Micro and macro-nutrients measured from soil samples taken within the Flomaton Natural Area. The purpose of the data is to measure soil composition within the Flomaton Natural Area as ...

2. Forest Floor Fuel Estimates for the Eastern United States [USDA_forestfloorfuelestimates]
Foresters commonly separate forest floor or down woody materials (DWM) into three successive layers: (1) branches and logs (fine and coarse woody material), (2) litter, and ...

3. Fuel Classification for the Southern Appalachian Mountains using Hyperspectral Image Analysis and Landscape Ecosystem Classification [USDA_SRC_fuelclassification]
This project uses a two-phase approach to model fuel loading in the region. The first phase involves the development of a fuels classification based on ground measurements and an existing Landscape ...

4. Fuel Model Algorithm Refinement and Model Validations for Eastern US Tree Species [USDA_fuelmodelalgorithm]
Field data are collected to evaluate for modeled estimates of live and dead aboveground woody forest biomass and develop correlations among fire-related vegetation and biophysical parameters. ...

5. Merged Fuel Weights [SFP_mergedfuelweights]
We evaluated how several management schemes change fuel conditions, vegetation, and insect populations in three upland forest types across four sites (loblolly pine, mixed pine (2 sites), and a young ...

6. Stand replacement prescribed burning for fuel reduction and regeneration of Table Mountain/Pitch Pine stands in the Southern Appalachian Mountains [SFP_standreplacement]
Ridgetop pine communities of the southern Appalachian Mountains have historically been maintained by lightning- and human caused fires. Because of fire suppression for several decades, these stands ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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