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1. Conservation and Management Science of Marine Mammals [ASAC_2941]
Metadata record for data from AAS (ASAC) project 2941. This project replaced project 2301 after 2006-2007 (ASAC_2301). Public This work addresses Australian Government marine mammal conservation, ...

2. Genetic identity of Antarctic Peninsula Humpback Whales [08-93_03]
Skin samples for genetic analysis were collected, using a crossbow, from Antarctic Peninsula Humpback Whales from three austral summers (1995/96, 1996/97 and 1997/98). Dr. C. Scott Baker from Auckland ...

3. Grassland Index: A searchable catalogue of species [FAO_GRASSLAND_INDEX]
This is a searchable catalogue of grassland species. The user can search by genus, Latin name, or common name. The search results will return the genu, Latin and common names for each grass. Also ...

4. H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Forest Science Data Bank (FSDB) [USDA0238]
The Forest Science Data Bank (FSDB) includes data from a variety of individual and interdepartmental research projects in genetics, silviculture, ecology, and physiology. These data and data from ...

5. Harvesting of pinniped skin samples on Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, Antarctica [018-82_13]
Data consist of genetic studies from skin samples of Antarctic fur and Weddell seals found both dead and alive.

6. Patterns of face coloration on Antarctic fur seal pups, Arctocephalus gazella, on Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, Antarctica [018-82_15]
The data consist of eight patterns of face coloration in pups, which can be indicator of the genetics of the population on the Cape.

7. Population genetics of east Antarctic sea urchins [AAS_3051_urchin_genetics]   PARENT METADATA
Population connectivity and gene flow in near shore Antarctic Echinoids (Sterechinus neumayeri, Abatus nimrodi and Abatus ingens) was investigated in East Antarctica. This data set consists of microsatellite ...

8. RNA sequence data from krill CO2 exposure experiment [AAS_4015_krill_RNA]
We use RNA sequencing to investigate which genetic/physiological pathways in Antarctic krill are affected by increased CO2 levels. We carried out larval CO2 exposure experiments in March 2012 at the ...

9. Squid in the antarctic and subantarctic, their biology and ecology [ASAC_1340]
From the abstract of the referenced paper: Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA markers (RAPDs) were applied in a cephalopod population study. Samples of the squid Moroteuthis ingens taken from around ...

10. Survey of Selected Microbial Pathogens in the Salton Sea [usgsbrdnwhc_d_microbpathogens]
This data documents the distribution of known and potential microbial pathogens in the Salton Sea ecosystem to provide baseline information for those tasked to evaluate proposed engineering projects ...

11. The Influenza Sequence Database - LANL_FLU_DB [LANL_FLU_DB]
[From ISD home page: ""] The Influenza Sequence Database - LANL_FLU_DB (ISD) contains all published influenza viral sequences, which have been curated by domain experts to ...

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