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1. TRMM Data Reader [TRMM_Data_Reader]
Read_HDF v2 (previously called TRMM Data Reader) is a tool to read in a TRMM HDF data file and write out user-selected SDS arrays and Vdata tables as separate flat binary files. New functionalities ...

2. IVE - The Interactive Visualization Environment [IVE]
Interactive Visualization Environment (IVE) is a software package designed to interactively display and analyze gridded data. IVE assumes the data to be displayed are contained in one- two-, three- ...

3. EOS Imaging Tool (EOS-IT) [EOS-IT]
The HDF-EOS Imaging Tool (EOS-IT) is a dual mode interface that provides an easy way to compare and analyze data from a variety of data sets. In the first mode, called Georeferenced ...

This UARS read software program reads and dumps the contents of all UARS level 3A data files (3AL, 3AT, 3LP, 3TP, 3AS/3BS, and UARS Correlative). The input file may be either the actual ...

5. Ferret Live Access Server (LAS), a Web-based Data Visualization and Analysis Tool [01-ferret-00]
NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) has developed a World-Wide Web (WWW)-based visualization and data extraction system. The PMEL server uses HTML forms to provide a point and click ...

6. CDFconvert (Convert netCDF to RPN and GEMPAK Grids) [CDFconvert]
The NETwork Common Data Format is an extremely flexible storage format for a variety of classes of data. The MRG CDFconvert package is specifically designed to address data conversion issues for gridded ...

TOMS Read software is designed to read and analyze Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) HDF data products.

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