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1. BROKE-West Grazing dilution study [BROKE-West_Grazing]   PARENT METADATA
These data contain results from grazing dilution experiments conducted during BROKE-West. Experiments were conducted at 22 locations on the BROKE-West transect. Data are ...

2. Krill Growth and Condition Investigation, cruise 2007/08 V1 (SIPEX) [SIPEX_krill]   PARENT METADATA
This work was completed as part of the SIPEX - Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperiment - voyage. September/October 2007. The work formed part of AAS (ASAC) projects 2337 and 2767. Aspects of krill ...

3. Moquah, Dukes, McCormick Research Natural Area Permanent Plots [USDA0163]
The purpose of "Moquah, Dukes, McCormick Research Natural Area Permanent Plots" is to document long-term changes in the composition and structure of undisturbed forest ecosystems common to the Great ...

4. Occurrence of eukariotic microbial, fungi and oomycoty from extreme environments [ASAC_2597]
Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 2597. See the link below for public details on this project. The project aims to study the diversity of Antarctic fungi and protists. Comparison with tropical ...

5. Sea ice algae growth rate data collected during the SIPEX II voyage of the Aurora Australis, 2012 [SIPEX_II_Algae_Growth_Rates]   PARENT METADATA
Chlorophyll data was used to measure growth rates of sea ice algae in CO2 incubations. Sea ice brine microalgae was collected from sackholes. Replicate samples were incubated in ambient air (~0.04% ...

6. Sub-ice algal assemblages of the Barents Sea: Species compostion, chemical composition, and growth rates 1986 - 1988 [ArcOD_2008I4]   PARENT METADATA
This dataset describes ice algae (10 species; 38 rows) of the Barents Sea studied from 1986 to 1988. With a few exceptions, the ice algal assemblages were dominated by pennate diatoms. From March ...

7. Systematics of antarctic plants [ASAC_2361]
Taxonomic studies will utilise primarily the existing AAD collections (approximately 25000) from the herbarium (ADT) with supplemental collections from Antarctica (particularly Victoria Land) and ...

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